Interfacial Engineering in Microsystems – Moving and Assembling Chips and Drops, Dr. Karl Böhringer

September 21, 3:10pm, 101 Roberts Hall

NACOE Seminar

Please join the MONT community in welcoming Dr. Karl F. Böhringer, Institute for Nano-engineered Systems (NanoES),

University of Washington.



Figure: Four droplets moving simultaneoulsy on a vibrating substrate with anisotropic microtexture.


A well-known outcome of down-scaling into micrometer dimensions is the dominance of surface over bulk phenomena. Thus, when designing micro-scale systems, the ability to understand and modify surface properties is of utmost importance. A key concept is the “programmable surface” – an interface whose properties can be controlled with high spatial and temporal resolution. This presentation introduces several kinds of engineered programmable surfaces and shows their application in self-assembling microsystems, droplet-based microfluidic systems and self-cleaning surfaces.